Pools in Milan

If you are already thinking of the weekend and what you will do, perhaps think of visiting one of Milano’s outdoor pools to escape the heat. If it rains this weekend remember that July will be HOT, so keep these places in mind. Unfortunately they are not glamorous in any sense of the word, but it’s good to know that there are options besides having to drive to the coast.

Piscina Cozzi: Newly renovated in 2008, this pool is Olympic size and crowded, but the hours are extended during the summer months, so call to find the exact hours of operation.

Address: Viale Tunisia 35, (corner of via Antonio Zarotto) Metro: Porta Venezia or Repubblica Tel: 02 659 9703 Rates: €4 Mon-Fri; €5.50 Sat, Sun

Piscina Argelati: Milano’s first outdoor swimming pool and you can tell. Its crowded, loud with children and you will probably be laying on the cement surrounding the two pools. But the pools are huge and there are showers and changing areas.

Address: Via Segantini 6, Tel: 02 5810 0012 Hours: 10am-7pm Rates:€5; €5.50 Sat, Sun

The Lido: Milano’s most popular outdoor swimming pool. With sun chairs, waterslides and beach tennis,three gyms, two football grounds and four tennis courts, you can make a day out of Lido.

Address: Piazzale Lotto 15, Metro: Lotto Tel: 02 392 791 Hours: 10am-7pm Rates: €5; €5.50 Sat, Sun.

Piscina Solari: An indoor pool with an outside sitting area set aside from the park. It’s crowded, but there are more sun beds than at Piscina Argelati and quieter without all the kids.

Address: Via Montevideo 20, Metro: Sant’Agostino Tel; 02 469 5278 Hours pan>: 10am-7.30pm (times may vary) Rates: €4 M-F €5.50 S-S